Join our RockStar affiliate team and make money

by putting a link on your website, sending out an email to your subscribers, or even advertising with our banners.


Our Affiliate Program Pays 50%
$18.50 on Every Sale!




RockStar Secrets to Life is a completely different business model than any other life coaching program or cookie cutter self help program out there. The problem is that most ther programs only work when you are doing it. Once it ends, the results end. Its like a dog chasing its tail. Sure, the dog looks entertained and is keeping its self busy. But eventually the dog gets tired and bored of chasing its tail. That’s what happens with  these other programs and self help gurus out there. They tell you to chase your tail and that will make you happy. But it wont give you lasting change. With RockStar Secrets to Life, We show you how to make that lasting change NOW!



RockStar Secrets to Life sells a bundle package of the CD shown above (”The 7 Secrets to Unleash  Your Inner RockStar Now!”) + a 14-day trial into our “RockStar VIP Video Coaching” membership club for $0 plus $8.97 shipping.  Then, after the free trial is over, our clients start paying $37.00/mo. for 12 months to receive the rest of their RockStar training. See the product here.



RockStar Secrets to Life will pay you $18.50 for every sale you refer to us.  And because our customers only have a 14-day trial period, you can start earning commissions within 14 days!  You will earn $18.50 per customer EACH MONTH that they stay in our membership program until they cancel.  And because we have a 12-month continuity program, each referral is like adding $222 to your pocket! Please note that if your referral cancels before the 14-day trial period expires, you will not receive a commission.  Otherwise we would go out of business!  This incentive helps our affiliates earn HUGE commissions over the long period (up to $222 PER CD!) instead of only a 1-time $18.50 pay-out.




RockStar Secrets to Life uses Nanacast to manage our affiliate program. We will provide you with great tools to sell our product easily. We also provide you ways to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions. Nanacast tracks by cookies and IP tracking so you will even get credit for sales even if your buyer does not buy on the first day. So even if they come back months later, you still get paid. We always pay the last affiliate who referred the customer to us.

Why such a high commission rate?
We payout these huge commissions because we want to have as many people as we can promote our product and share the RockStar message.

Who pays me?
We will pay you all your commissions via: PAYPAL.

When do I get paid?
As soon as your commissions total $50 or higher, we will pay you for the previous month between the 15th-30th of the following month. We may pay sooner, but you can expect your commissions to come every 30 days.

How do I promote?
Once you become an affiliate, all you do is promote the unique URL that we give you. You can advertise it using your website, banners, your own opt-in list, etc…  We even give you sample emails and banner ads that you can use.  It’s so easy to promote with RockStar Secrets to Life! (banners and tools coming soon)

Common Questions:

How do you ensure I get credit for the people I send to your site?

We use Nanacast as our shopping cart and affiliate manager, which offers the best technology when it comes to tracking your sales. Nanacast tracks by not only cookies, but also IP address of your customer. So you are fully covered.

Is their a optin box on the landing page where I send my referrals, because I have lost commissions from other affiliate programs because of this?

The answer is no. We don’t force your customer or referrals to optin. But lets say you send out an email or post a blog with your affiliate link in it and someone chooses to click on it. They will then do to the landing sales page etc.

But even if they decide to click away without signing up this time. Lets say 6 months later they decide to google Dr. Dan and click on one of my links and then decides to sign up for the program or buy anything from Dr. Dan that is in the affiliate center. Then you will still get the credit!

Even if they clear their cookies! Because they are tracked by IP also. How cool is that? You will get all future sales too. As long as you are the last affiliate link they clicked on.

That means you get all up-sells, down-sells, and more!

On the landing page will it show an affiliate program is available, because I don’t want to lose my commission?

Nope. You will only see the affiliate link on my main site: http://www.MakeTheWorldYourStage.com & the http://www.RockStarSecretsToLife.com But it will not be anywhere on the affiliate landing page (here) you will use to refer others to. So you are safe ;-)

Click Here to Join Our RockStar Team!

The affiliate site is temporarily down for repairs. It will be up in 1-2 weeks. Email me to be on the waiting list: drdan(@)rockstarinlife.com



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